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Curious, aren'tcha? Alrighty!!!

Hello there! I am Eric, or sometimes known to WonderNet users as Captain H. Either way, I am the one behind WonderNet and this lovely place called Eric's Corner.

I am a furry artist, I've been drawing for a long time. If I had to throw a dart in the dark as to how far back, it'd be... ever since 4th grade, which would be around 2012, 2013, but it wasn't till I picked myself up and kept the train going until 2016. Then at the start of 2019, I refurbished myself to what you guys are familiar with today; me being the White Feline Wonder. Before then, I was just someone who drew a lotta Pokemon, Sonic, and Freedom Planet, and other stuff (Nowadays I still draw Freedom Planet stuff. Acquainted with Leglac?).

I'm also on the spectrum, so there's gonna be some very specific interests or unique ways of me wording things.

So, where can you find my art? The only way to find my art is if you check out PillowFort or Cohost! I also have Discord as well.