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Ah yes, this was where the magic happened, but for the sake of my protection, I've decided to remove my art from here and from WonderNet.

However, as much as my art isn't here anymore, I do have other forms of art, like music, and sometimes these little skits I'd do featuring my characters.

Just so this place doesn't feel like a wasteland, here are some of my Uberduck skits! (The voices aren't mine, obviously, I just like making skits and using Uberduck to tell some sort of story.)

The further down you scroll, the older a skit is.

WhiteFelineWonder 2 · Potassium (uberduck)
WhiteFelineWonder 2 · uberdfmovie0 (uber-dee-eff movie)
WhiteFelineWonder 2 · I got carried away while doing this. (Uberduck)
WhiteFelineWonder 2 · Twilight's Spamton Rant (
White Feline Wonder · New Faces (uberduck)
White Feline Wonder · Waffles And Being Pissed Off (Uberduck) (LOUD SOUND WARNING)
White Feline Wonder · Spells And Sonics (
White Feline Wonder · Beyond The Screen (
White Feline Wonder · Wrong Dimension (
White Feline Wonder · The Voice (
White Feline Wonder · The Revival (

This was the spot where I wanted to revive the Freedom Planet characters for future Uberduck skits. Currently, I've only found a replacement voice for Lilac. Trixie does sound kind of like Carol, but the way her voice is enveloped (I don't know how to explain that, don't ask me.) throws it off-board. I would've also gone with Milla having the voice of Fluttershy, but that'd be too easy. Unless there are no other voices that sound similar to Milla and/or Carol, I'm considering using Trixie and Fluttershy.

White Feline Wonder · [PART 2] The cast of WFW plays Survive the Disasters 2 (
White Feline Wonder · [PART 1] The cast of WFW plays Survive the Disasters 2 (

Right around here is when I switched over to the new cast because the Freedom Planet cast got removed on Uberduck.

White Feline Wonder · Gelatin & Lollipop but with Neera and Carol (
White Feline Wonder · Unusual Rain (
White Feline Wonder · Orange Juice (
White Feline Wonder · Lilac Eats A Lemon Again but with Uberduck this time
White Feline Wonder · Hotel Carol Opening (
White Feline Wonder · Milla eats a lemon and the file size is slightly over 8 MB