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Just gonna make little records here of whatever blurbs I have in mind. Who knows? You might hear a cool new idea!

3/15/2023 - Haven't updated this place in a while... I've got one idea in mind and that's to replace some pages with a new category; shrines. I know just who to have the first shrine dedicated to, and it's over at a planet called Avalice that I may find it...

2/25/2023 - It's been... quite some time since I last blurbed here. Well... For the past few weeks, I've been feeling like such a wreck. I feel like I haven't been progressing at all, just dabbling away in whatever niches I have.

I've got such an addiction to SRB2 to the point where I've been editing every little thing it has. From graphics to sounds and everywhere else in between. Not only that but I've just slowly been losing the point of sleep. I know I need it but what else am I gonna do? God I hate myself right now. I wish I didn't get myself into such a mess, both mentally and physically.

I know I haven't updated all of my OCs profile icons for WonderNet. I know. I just hate myself :)

Maybe I need to go offline for a bit, I don't know. Or maybe a schedule would work. Alarms on my iPad just ain't cutting anymore, I don't know. I'll steadily recover somehow.

1/5/2023 - Well look at that! The first blurb of the new year! Anyways... I heard from someone that unforunately, some of my sprites are being used for FNF.

*pulls out a grey party blower and it lets out a boring and dull note* Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

I may not be the brightest bulb of the bunch but that's really not cool. I lay out rules for a reason, y'know.

And I can easily take everything out the same way I brought them in. Including WonderNet.

So when I tell you to read the rules, I mean READ THEM. So that's one strike out of three right there...

12/14/2022 - What's this? My Sonic sheet got updated again despite me not wanting to do anymore sprites of Sonic since I'm tired of piling on more things? Yup. You may find it somewhere on the bottom row...

11/1/2022 - Hey! So last night I made the decision to change where I mainly post art. Instead of it being FurAffinity, it will now be PillowFort! I've been thinking about starting over on FA, either by a new account or purging my gallery. I'm just not really content with where it stands currently. Along with PillowFort, I'm gonna make an effort to promote my Ko-Fi! Though I should probs remove my gallery if all it's gonna be is a little donation stand...

10/26/2022 - It's been.... tiresome, so far. I'm still drawing, I have my sketchbook, though I'm really considering splitting my FurAffinity page into two. What will I do to my existing FA? IDK. All I know is that I really want to start over. Outside from tbat, Linux Mint has been pretty good! Had to get an appimage for OpenAhot tho since the ones on Mint's software manager repo doesn't load.

10/10/2022 - Hey! Guess what? I made the jump from Windows 10 to Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon! This means I no longer have Windows-exclusive programs, and I'm now using a new set of tools for my craft! Here's to it!

Isn't it pretty?

10/7/2022 - Okay, check-in time. Things have been going alright for the most part. Though I have been quite restless lately, trying to juggle not only this, but also drawing and trying to get a little bit of fun stuff in the mix, too. I've lately been thinking about promoting my art commissions tenfold, though I think I've lowered the prices of each by 10 bucks the last time I checked. It's been a good while since I've been commissioned.

9/6/2022 - So... Tomorrow's the big day. I'm excited and scared. I'm going to college. Currently I'm going there for a semester but I do have plans to be there for four years. Once those four years are done, I (hopefully) plan to go to MassArt. It's a lot more different than high school and previous grade schools. I'll do my best!

8/16/2022 - Okay disregard the big announcement there. I've made up my mind. I'm gonna focus on my studies first with Massasoit and then hopefully be able to go to MassArt later on. Here's to it! It's gonna be a long and difficult journey to MassArt but I'll do whatever it takes to stay on this path!

7/31/2022 - Okay this one is a big announcement. I've recently just applied for a job at a local convenience store near me. If all goes well, I start on the seventh of August! Though I really do hope that this won't collide with my fall semester time, since I'm not sure if I can handle both at once.

This means that I won't be able to update WonderNet at any time, considering I've revved the gear all the way to full-time.

7/26/2022 - Why would I need to pay just have something only be visible to people who follow me on DA? Dude, FurAffinity lets me do that for free? That's such a dummy move!

7/17/2022 - Currently in the process of adding my own stamps, badges, & blinkies to WonderNet. It was a tiring feel last night, but who else is gonna work on WonderNet? That's right, this is a one man job- er, a one feline job. On the other hand whose idea was it to get rid of libraries? That just sounds ridiculous! (oh also i decided to go the easy route and just use webcord for my pi, it was on piapps anyways)

7/14/2022 - My Raspberry Pi 400 arrived today! I already have Twister OS Lite running with a few apps, like Firefox, GIMP, & PiApps, and things are looking good! Though I'm having trouble getting Discord installed.

7/11/2022 - The art tab here will be overhauled to show my art instead of my Uberduck skits, so get ready for that. When? IDK.

7/8/2022 - Oooh~ Found this thing called FreeTube!!!! FINALLY I DON'T NEED TO USE MY BROWSER!! HAHAHA FINALLY!!!!! I really hope either NewPipe or FreeTube eventually adds support to VidLii, mainly speaking for NewPipe. (Get both, both are great, but btw NewPipe's for Android and FreeTube's for Windows, Mac, & Linux>

7/2/2022 - Finding motivation to do pretty much anything is hard to do these days, especially for trying to compose new MIDIs.

I really need to utilize to-do lists more...

If only I had motivation to update WonderNet for the next few days...

6/20/2022 - ...I really need to get my priorities straightened out.

6/19/2022 - Jesus it's been weeks since I've updated this place... I know it's been just 16 days since the last blurb here, but it felt like it's been 50 weeks! Well, I do have some dreams I've gotta share in the dream tab here, and well, I just need to make sure I do those safety videos for WonderNet. I've only gotten the intro video done. And well, if it's a safety video, you just gotta make it so that others are aware!

You may have noticed the time frames in the news tab on WonderNet revert back to just one timeframe. I no longer felt it was necessary to have the two time periods together.

6/3/2022 - Finally!!! I've made the first WonderNet safety video after putting it off for so long!!! I meant to do the first video back in March, April, but I kept putting it off due to lack of motivation, slightly lack of courage, and also signing up for Massasoit. Now that I've remodeled the server, got things taken care with MCC, I've finally done it! And guess what? It was made with Movie Maker! No not that Windows 10 nonsense, I'm talking the classic Movie Maker from the days of XP!

5/19/2022 - I want to start my Discord server over. I don't know, I'm torn between wanting to and not now, great... I DON'T KNOW MAN!!! ...I'm sorry... On one hand I want to finally do the things I want to do, but at the same time I feel like the folks in my current server would be mad at me for wanting to start over. I don't know man, I'm just torn between what I want to do and what the others expect me to do. I don't want to be stuck in the latter... Maybe I just need to be offline from Discord for a bit? Or just be offline from my own server? Both? I really don't know. I'm that small-brained.

Side question, what's it like to use Linux, and what kind of flavor of Linux would you suggest to me?

5/14/2022 - I'm glad I have my own Neocities page. Not to sound rude with this next part, but I'm the only one that can do whatever I want with this place (within reason, that is.), and nobody really has to tell me "hey, you're doing this wrong." This place is somewhere I can feel the most free, the next being my own Discord server. God, I so want to remodel that place. I can finally do something here, and can finally speak my mind without having degenerates going "no no this is not what you say about this" or whatever. With that said actually, you ever just get tired of someone saying the same thing about something over and over again?

5/5/2022 - I sometimes don't trust my own Discord server just because of the whole "shitposty" nature it can give off. I want to steer my server away from that mentality. There have been some updates I didn't even do because they'd get mad at me. I "removed" the shitpost channel for April Fools, right? It was held with duct tape but it mostly worked. I've made a rule over there to keep shitposting and memes and all sorts of that only in the shitpost channel. Now, I have a friend who has a shitposty nature, and well, he likes using GIFs with all sorts of random things like "embed fail" or embedding a snippet of a video for a reaction. I don't want to flat out say "could you maybe tone the memery down?" (Well I kind of do, honestly.) because then he'd just get angry at me. And then eventually two others would chime in and then do the same thing. Now there's this meme out there that's been termed as the "Discord Moderator" aka "Keep memes out of general." I don't really like that meme, if I can be honest. Sure my server is a hangout server, but I at least want some obedience and/or control!

Think of it like this: You invite some friends over for a game night. You all have fun and have a good time, but when it's time for them to leave and head back home, you find out that despite you expecting them to pick up after themselves, you find that they leave your place a complete mess! And now you're disgruntled with everything because they didn't pick up after themselves.

I wish I could put my foot down, but I'm like a doormat in my own server. And when things aren't going right, of course I'm not just gonna boot them just because we view things differently, no, that's not how it works. If they're disturbing others and saying all sorts of random jargon, then that's when I might boot them out.

I have another friend who gave his friend ownership of his server, and that person completely trashed his server, and threatened to ban him in his own server! Needless to say, that's not a friend, that's an asshole. And I don't like friends who are assholes. He later got ownership back and that guy left his server, claiming that his server is just a bunch of babies. Some fucking friend, he is...I'll be honest, that former friend of his scares me.

He later got rid of it in favor of a new server though, so he's been long gone out of his hairs.

I just want to stand up for myself in my own server, is that so hard to ask?

I just want to do it in a way that doesn't hurt us. But... such a feat seems like it's challenging without throwing a few jabs left and right... And I don't wanna make a new server.

How am I gonna do this... ;-;

5/1/2022 - Hi guys! Sorry for no sort of giant updates to WonderNet, I'm just busy applying to Massasoit Community College and doing yet ANOTHER custom Sonic spritesheet. I... um... I don't have my priorities set straight, unfortunately, I'm all over the place mentally. I'm inexplicably broken mentally. I know, I know, juggling between an application and pixel art isn't the greatest idea ever.

Currently I have some dreams already written down, I just need to find the time to bring them onto here.

4/27/2022 - Hey everyone! Sorry for no sort of updates on here or WonderNet, I've just been occupied with registering for Massasoit and other IRL things. Currently I don't have any plans for WonderNet yet, apart from STILL having to make those safety videos, which I really wish I could get to, but I'm gonna be busy for the next few days.

Then again I get myself sidetracked all the time. Hahahahah... I really need to get that fixed.

4/14/2022 - IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! And, art is coming back to WonderNet!

4/12/2022 - I FOUND SOME OLD GIFT IMAGES AFTER CONNECTING MY PHONE AND MY LAPTOP!! They were typeless files, meaning that there was no sign of any .png or .gif, or whatever. All I had to do was just add .png to them and then bam! They're back like they never left! Man it feels so good to see them again!

4/11/2022 - My birthday's close!!! I mostly know I'll be getting a Raspberry Pi 4 (keyboard edition), and well, also fanart of my OCs! If you don't know who my OCs are, uh... Um... Just, uh, just check out WonderNet. I've got like, 24 OCs, such as Celery, Zippy, Nicki, Lucina, Pumpky, etc.

So... what am I going to with this? Welp, starting the 14th, I'll be adding a new tab here called "Walkie Talkie!" where I talk about stuff such as games, products, topics, and other random stuff. That tab will be split into multiple categories, much like I said earlier. As far as I know, I can only imagine sub-tabs about games, videos and movies, physical products, & some other topics, probably. If I can come up with more tabs, that'd be neat. But if i can't, I'll find some way to even further divide them, so that things can be clean.

What other stuff do Neocitians normally put on their pages btw? There's guestbooks, lightweight pets, a webring, and some other stuff. Should I add some of those things? Let me know by commenting on my page's Neocities profile!

I also wanna do some more stuff with WonderNet, but the plans I have are either reserved for my birthday, or they're already there in some capacity or form.

You know what? LET'S THROW IT BACK LIKE IT'S 2005!!! The "Walkie Talkie!" tab is coming TODAY INSTEAD!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

4/7/2022 - Alright, so I know I said there'll be art on WonderNet and here, but I've decided to cut the latter out of the picture, and art on WonderNet will return on the 14th this month. That's all for this blurb. In other news, I got myself something planned that day. Though uh... It might be a bit late on VidLii, if can be honest.

And as a little vent blurb here, I know not everyone is going to agree with me, I just want to clean up my own server and keep it away from that "memes in general" mentality. People joke about it all the time, but I don't want that mentality to be the norm of my own server. Look. You can call me outlandish for doing this but I've placed a ban on talking about games such as Among Us & that film called Squid Game. If I didn't have that, people would be talking about it nonstop. I put that ban there to avoid any 9-year old degeneracy. I don't want to paint myself as the victim in this case, there's some parts of this whole thing that can and have already probably backfired.

I just wanted my server to be something that not only would others feel comfortable in, but also make me feel comfortable in. And so far, I haven't done anything in the latter. Of course people are gonna be upset at me that I pinged them twice in two different channels. Of course people are upset that they can only put their memes in one channel. Of course people are gonna be upset at how broken I am when it comes to running a server. You know what? What if I didn't give you guys a server of my own anymore? What if I just nuked everything and everyone in it? What if there wasn't a platform between me and others? WHAT IF I DECIDED TO THROW AWAY SOMETHING THAT ME AND OTHER PEOPLE THAT WORKED ON? I DON'T WANT TO BE STUCK IN THIS FUCKING MENTALITY WHERE EVERYONE IS "we're gonna put memes everywhere and if you speak up against that we're gonna pummel you to death" THAT'S NOT HOW MY SERVER WORKS!

This only proves my own point that sometimes I feel like I'm speaking an entirely different language to them, and that my voice doesn't matter.

I'M TIRED OF FEELING LIKE MY VOICE DOESN'T MATTER INDIRECTLY! oh but what if i just don't understand the world, huh? what if i'm stuck in my own delusions and painted this weird and twisted world where this world is like a complete stranger to me and i have the mind of an infant, and i just need to be teased with key-dangling all the time over and over again? IS THAT WHAT THEY FUCKING WANT FROM ME? DO THEY WANT SOMEONE STUCK IN THEIR OWN DELUSIONS TO RUN A SERVER AND JUST THINK EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT? NO THEY FUCKING WON'T! THEY WANT SOMEONE TO ACTUALLY HAVE A GOOD UNDERSTANDING OF THE WORLD AND WHAT THEY THINK THE NORM IS!

You know what, just ignore this. I'm in my own delusions, I just need to sit back down into auto-pilot mode and just shut up. That's what they want. They don't want someone who thinks different and wants someone that deliberately wants memes to only be posted in the memes channel.

For April Fools, I got rid of the shitpost channel. Wanna know how long they lasted? Recording from midnight, 18 hours. They did well, but they almost reached a full day.

My efforts, my voice, my actions, they're all for nothing. I'm just the laughing stock.

I have nowhere to go other than here.

I'm no hero at all. I'm worthless miserable junk in the dumpster.

"don't you know what you're gonna do to this place if you make that rule real?"

"i do, now shut it"

"but don't you want-"



"but what about-"



This is the blurb that triggered everyone in my server. My own conflictions fighting.

I'm sorry to go on this tangent. I don't want to be painted as a victim. I'm just someone who's stuck on the spectrum, stuck in a partial delusion.

3/28/2022 - Hey hey hey! What's new? Well, someone on WonderNet got banned... And this is just the start for them... That aside, I've got thoughts, guys.

I've decided to bring back my art!! On the first of April, I will try my best to post my art on here and on WonderNet! Just like months before, art on WonderNet will always be compressed to give off old image vibes, but art here will be crisp and quality. It's like a buffet! Pick and choose your faves! In other news, I have decided to bring my Garry's Mod art onto my DeviantArt page! My DeviantArt page serves as an NBM manip archive, and it's been like that for a good while. But now, I'm gonna bring my GMod NBM content there! cuz why not? a little extra treat won't hurt anyone.

Get ready for some changes to occur in April!

If you want to see my DeviantArt page, you can go here! I still miss the old look... My DeviantArt

3/14/2022 - There ain't no rest for the creative, huh? I wish my sleep schedule wasn't so fucked up.

3/13/2022 - Hoo boy, it's been what, a few weeks since my last blurb here? What's up? Well, first I'd like to say that WonderNet has gained some more users! These guests are actually some friends of mines' OCs as part of a little event I'm doing in my Discord server. Not only is it a test to see what else I can sprite, but it's also a way of saying thanks.

Now realistically, in terms of what is and isn't canon, WonderNet having more users will always be canon, but the guests that are in the "more WonderNet profiles" section aren't canon. Again, this is just a collaboration between some friends of mine in my Discord server. Any character of mine that I've added to WonderNet will be in the top section. Any friends' characters that I've added to WonderNet as a collaboration will be in the bottom section. This is just so I can differentiate between what's canon and what isn't.

There are a few things that I have planned for WonderNet. For starters, I've implemented what looks to be a friends function, with two distinct friend types. Up next on my agenda is a psudeo-contest to redesign the logo for WonderNet. I've had this logo ever since I started up WonderNet back in December, but in a week from now, there will be an updated logo. And what the logo will be depends on not only the feedback I get from my friends in my server, but also, an online spinner! For every vote a variant gets, will be an extra slot on the wheel. Fair play? Well, probably not for some variants. But you really expect me to use a flippin coin tosser? That formula doesn't work all too well.

Not related to what I have in WonderNet but wouldn't it be funny if I were to make ANOTHER WonderNet? Like, WonderNet 2? Naw I'm joking, I'm joking. With the same name but an added 2 in the title just sounds like complete crap. However, I am curious as to what a Y2K version of WonderNet's logo would look like. Just something to think about.

1/30/2022 - Hey everybody! Sorry for not posting this earlier, but I've decided to join Pillowfort and Twitter! Now, I don't have any plans for Twitter, but I will be posting my art on Pillowfort! Click on the links in this blurb to be taken to my profiles there!

1/20/2022 - Alright, listen. I've made the decision to remove the art tab on BOTH here AND WonderNet. I'm sorry to those who liked seeing my content, but this is just for my own sake. Do yourself a favor for all of us, please... Never invest in NFTs.

1/25/2022 - Sorry for being late with this post. Alongside me starting writing on Freedom Legs, I also started on an original story called "My Adopted Demon" which is a story that covers the special bond that two of my OCs have, Eric and Lucina. Give it a read here! My Adopted Demon prologue

1/19/2022 - Hi everyone! Been a while. Recently, I've decided to start dabbling in writing, and the first thing I've ever done with it is write the prologue to something called Freedom Legs, which is a Freedom Planet AU centered around NBM. If you wanna read the prologue you can read it here: Freedom Legs prologue

1/10/2022 - If I were to be silent all the time, then things would've been MUCH more different, most of the time not for good. Sometimes I feel like I gotta stay silent, but I'm tired of being silent all the time. I wanna speak, I wanna yell, I wanna shout, I wanna clear the fog and make my words clear. I'm tired of feeling silent all the time. I'm tired of my words feeling like they mean nothing to anybody else. To make things worse, sometimes the feeling of silence comes from the ones that are close to me. I... I don't know how else to word it. I don't wanna be rude to anyone, I just wanna stop being silent, whether by words or by visuals, whatever it may be.

1/8/2022 - Is it bad to think that it's tiring to be so nice all the time? Like there are just some points in time where you genuinely can't be warm to someone, and you just have too be upfront about it to them in a way that doesn't hurt them too much and worded in a way that they can understand, despite uh, despite the salt already making the wound worse.

1/8/2022 - Am I trying too hard at being an artist? I just wanna draw stuff that makes me happy. All the legs I've drawn and all the times I've drawn my characters, I just wanna feel something, y'know? Who would I be without a way to express myself and my thoughts?

1/1/2022 - Aside from personal goals, you know what part of me hates? When someone is just such a keen bitch on wanting to see what you draw. Look, I'm not your next children's artist. I never will be a children's artist, and that's okay. I've drawn blood. I've drawn weapons, both realistic and fictional. I've drawn my characters and other characters dropping F-Bombs like hotcakes selling out in seconds.

Alright, gonna cut that abruptly since I could go on and on for ages. Anyways back to what I said earlier. So earlier today, I was drawing something personal, right? And then my dad comes in and wonders what I'm drawing. I told him it's a personal drawing, and he wants to see it. I said no, but he kept asking if I could see it. I kept replying no. When someone tells you no, they mean it. If I want to have personal drawings, I can. I can have personal drawings. But when you repeatedly ask me if you can see the personal drawings, I'm going to say no every time. Wanna know what's the most unnerving part? After telling him no a few times, he straight up said, "I will see those drawings, one way or another." (Granted it's not word for word + English isn't his primary language, but that's the message I perceived.) I'm straight up going to have to invest in a sketchbook or sketchpad with a physical lock on it, just so no one can see any of my personal drawings. I'm not going to settle for this. Not. One. Bit.

Countless times before I decided to give in, but this year, it's time I start standing up for myself.

1/1/2022 - Part of me already feels like a failure, even though it's the beginning of 2022. Part of me feels like I should actually start find my true audience for my art, and that won't be easy. As the year progresses I hope to fine-tune my current audience. I know damn well that not everybody will be satisfied with what I do, and that's okay, I don't need to appeal to everyone. I don't need to be modern or whatever the kids say these days. Along with that, I hope to experiment with my art style this year. I already mentioned it in a post earlier that I wanted something reminiscent of Panty & Stocking (with Garterbelt) I word it like that since I'm not sure how it's actually titled.

1/1/2022 - So, it's finally 2022. Sweet. I'm not gonna stay up for all this celebration, I'm not that kind of guy. I'mma hit the hay once I finish with this post. Anyways, you can now find the new drawing over on my art page, and it involves some of my furry fellas exploring the world outside of the screen!

When it's 2022 over here, I'll be showing off what was hiding in that small teaser over on WonderNet. Not a moment too early nor late. I've been meaning to make it a special drawing, hence all the hype surrounding it. - 12/31/2021

(I hope you're also aware that the time frame things happen over on WonderNet take place in an alternate 2003, and soon to be 2004. I won't be changing the time frame to modern times because well, I won't, and I refuse to do so. I don't want to be modern.) - 12/31/2021

Sometimes when it comes to me having TupperBox in my Discord server, sometimes I feel like I'm just obligated to have to RP with others. Don't get me wrong, everyone that's on my server are awesome, and not all of them use TupperBox, it's just an internal feeling I've been having lately. - 12/30/2021

Also, since 2021 is close to being done, I feel as if I should inform you guys about what will go down in the new year. For starters, WonderNet's aesthetic will stay the same. WonderNet aside, I've lately been thinking about changing my art style or experimenting with stuff. I've been meaning to experiment in a style reminiscent of Panty & Stocking (with Garterbelt). I don't want it to be insanely spot-on with the style, I just want a style that's close to it, but not too close to it, nor too far away, somewhere in the middle. - 12/30/2021

Oh yeah, fun fact, by the way; currently I have a bunch of old drawings screenshoted, so I can work with them in Procreate. In other words, from the current standings, I've got a bunch of redraws in plan for 2022. I did one earlier today, it's in the art section if you wanna see it. It's got my OC, Eric, in an elevator. That was also how one of the old drawings of mine looked, btw. - 12/30/2021

Just now, I added a new headline in the news tab on WonderNet with the title of "Wonders of the New Light." And in that headline, I added this (attempt of a) haiku:

WONDERS OF THE NEW LIGHT (1:56 PM, 19/29/2021, 2003 SCT)







The folks over at WonderNet got their portals tab up and working, you should go check it out! Speaking of WonderNet, I've got a great drawing ready for the new year... - 12/28/2021

It's been three days since Xmas, and I'm already getting much out of my Wii U! I got Freedom Planet, some pinball game, YouTube (Yes it still works), and some homebrew on it as well! Got the Wii U port of SM64 running too. It also marks the second console I own that's got custom firmware on it, the first being my fortuned New 2DS XL, with everything I dreamed of having, and the bonus of Smash 3DS mods! Oh yeah, I also have my own custom 3DS theme! You can check it out over at the Theme Plaza by clicking here! Granted, this was done back in March, so this was before my main OC, Eric, had hair. - 12/28/2021

Hai everyone!1!!!!111!!1!1 Welcome to the blog page of my corner! Care for a slice of pizza? - 12/28/2021