Travel Directory - In "The Dream Catcher"

This is where I'll be blabbing about all sorts of wacky and insane dreams I have. Some are fun! Some are dark... Some are small, and some are loooooooooooooooooong. One thing's for sure though, they're all dreams!

These dreams of mine are dated in no particular order. The date they were dreamt about will come before the dream.

Oh yeah maybe give it some time to load in case you're not up to date in terms of hardware.

6/19/2022 - I had this dream that involved princess Celestia. She told me to follow her and I did, and after a few minutes of walking, we made it to the center of Ponyville. Ponyville was a lot more larger than what the show makes it to be. The last thing I remember in this dream was her pointing to Twilight's library treehouse thing, where she was talking to Pinkie and Rainbow Dash.

6/16/2022 - I had this dream where I was in a retro market that sold Xbox 360s, Wiis, Gamecubes, N64s, etc. I was browsing the store and I came across a pink DSi. It was new old stock and I wanted to get it since my old cyan DSi was broken due to its wifi card being misplaced. I went over to the cashier and she told me that she can't sell this to me. ...Why? Because in her eyes it was an "irrelevant console." I simply told her that I wanted to purchase this because of the nostalgia factor, and that I wanted to play my old DS games. And... no budge...

This went on for a few minutes, till someone else shoved her aside and was ACTUALLY willing to sell me the DSi. This guy sold me the DSi for $50 dollars, but due to the rude lady, he offered to sell it to me for $30. I wanted to say "it's okay, I'll pay the full price for it" but he insisted that I accept the discount due to the arrogant lady. I didn't wanna come off as rude or insensitive or whatever word this part works best, so I paid him the amount he discounted me for, and off I went with a pink DSi. If you're in a retro store selling retro consoles, but you tell someone who wants to buy and old console that it's irrelevant... that... that defeats the whole purpose of working there.

6/1/2022 - This dream had me sent to a jail that was designed as a rehab center called Triangle Camp. I didn't know what I was in for, but I was sent there to fix myself about something. So I was in there, right? Doing research on something one of the staff assigned me to do, and I noticed how the internet there was very stripped down and only limited to their homepage. Another thing I noticed is that the phones there had literally nothing aside from a browser and some other things. The weirdest part is that there was a store you could go to, which had stuff like shirts, bags, water bottles, etc. Again, I had no idea why I was in that jail, but I was. Though wanna know what's really shit about this dream? The browser Triangle Camp uses was Google Chrome! Absolutely disgusting.

5/29/2022 - I had this dream where I was walking down a road, eventually about to set up a tent on this beautiful patch of grass, till I noticed a flock of something headed this way. So, I quickly packed my stuff and ran, right? But then it was then I came across this gas station, and when I went inside, I was in this huge store, like it was a Walmart or something. It sold art supplies, electronics, food, crafts, anything you could think of.

I remember seeing a picture that had Lilac trying to break free from the frame, it was somewhat shattered. The last thing I remember seeing before I woke up was a PlayStation Vita.

5/31/2022 - I had this dream about a Nickelodeon crossover game like Globs of Doom or Attack of the Toybots, except this time, it's about this dark gloop taking control of characters and destroying worlds, and the twist to it is that you also have shows from Cartoon Network in the mix as well as some others, like Sonic, Pokemon, MLP, etc.

The game started off with a cutscene where this place called Nickelodia is slightly glitching out, & Spongebob finds a group of people crowded together. They talked for a bit before coming to a conclusion where they all need to find four different crystals that are responsible for bringing this gloop in. One of them was located in that house from Courage the Cowardly Dog that was in the middle of nowhere, and another was in this marble race against a corrupted Santa, singing the wrong lyrics to Frosty the Snowman, all the while the race track was a mish mash of all the holidays.

1/13/2022 - So I had this other dream, where me and my dad went into this shop called "V - W - O - R," and it had boxes that had stuff like a Wii, N64, SNES, Dreamcast, etc.

We went in there and got ourselves a Wii, and I also got myself some Waddle Dee plushies.

2/3/2022 - I was browsing FurAffinity, till I came across this user called "Elthadek" who posted an image of three different models of Carol with their heads swapped. I went to favorite it and noticed that his gallery has TONS more that involves the crew. There was one submission of his where it was a shop theme, with parts of Lilac, Carol, Milla, & Neera on shelves, and the off-camera person handing him a bunch of gems for a complete set, to which the shopkeeper was super happy someone was ordering the complete set.

There was another submission of Elthadek's called "Detach-A-Lot," and it featured the FP cast doing something, I forgot what it was exactly. I kept browsing his gallery and gave him a watch, and to my surprise, this guy actually remade some of my drawings in SFM & GMOD, like the one where I drew Carol's torso finding someone else, all those times I've detached Lilac and her friends, etc.

I went to his profile to leave a little comment, and it said, "Huuuuuuuuuuuge fan of your work! Haven't seen much FP NBM around here, but I'm glad to have seen one of your submissions on the front page!"

Turns out, Elthadek was a galaxy-level fan of my stuff!

2/15/2022 - I had a dream where me and my parents were at this building, but they were uber annoying.

When I told them to leave me alone, they kept following me. They followed me down to this food court floor, where in order to get what you want, you had to put a CPU in the microwave while it's also doused in butter. They kept pressuring me to do it but I threw it out the window and said "I'm not doing your fucking ridiculous oath." So everyone was silent as I was getting some stuff, which led to me being upset and telling them to stop looking at me as I was getting food.

...It got to a point where I literally yelled fuck off to my parents, and left. I was going downstairs, until these guys showed up and wanted to "play" with me. I tried to leave, but they forced me back. I tried and I tried, till I snapped and ended up murdering one of their friends with a mirror, to which they also went silent as I went down.

At one point in the dream, I was on this elevator that went in a horizontal circle, then clipped itself back in. Now I was on the bay, near the beach. I wanted to leave this place, so I went looking for a train station. But alas, my parents kept looking for me. And that's when the dream ended.

2/14/2022 - I had this dream where I was in my high school at nighttime. I was there with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, & Amy, and we had to head down to the basement because something needed to be removed. When they opened the gate for us to go downstairs, we found out that there was a huge and old library underneath. We explored it, and eventually found the old creepypasta, Sonic.exe.

Once we found him, we all got teleported to the top of a maze on this platform, and we had to fight him. He teleported around, pelted spikes at us, etc., all the while we were dodging and attacking. It took a while for us to defeat him, but his weakness was when I pulled out Kirbo, and he started to recite a passage. Once kirbo was pulled out, everything stopped. The room got silent. Sonic,exe looked at kirbo in disgust. Wnd that's when Kirbo had a smile to serious eyes, as he looked at him straight on, and started to recite.

Once he finished reciting, there was a small ringing of silence, and then an explosion happened, which resulted in Sonic.exe exploding into a pool of blood, guts, and bone. aAmy couldn't bear to see all the gore and she actually threw up, followed by Knuckles. Fortunately, no one got any vomit stains, but we were in disgust. Now all that we needed to do was find a way out of this library basement, but that's when the dream ended because of my alarm.

2/19/2022 - Okay, this dream is bizarre. It was where me and Equestria were going to war against some sort of evil force. Was it against Discord? Maybe Eggman? I don't know. We were in the middle of a desert, making sure our crew was ready, if we have enough ammo and such, any medical equipment, etc.

After a while, everything was suddenly a green field. But wanna know what's even more strange? The ammunition was all white, as if there was no texture on them, and the grenades were baseballs. It was then I realized that the green field was actually the green patch of grass from my ELEMENTAY SCHOOL.

How we went from a desert to school grounds is beyond my guess.

2/25/2022 - I had a dream where I was playing a TTYD sequel that focused on Luigi & Daisy. I remember this one part where everyone's on a ship, and Peach is trying to get all the keys from this guy that's not only patrolling some locked stairs, but also swapping them clockwise, so I had to be as far away from them as possible so that the guy could link the red stairs to the little door opening that's on the next floor.

There were other parts that I recall. Luigi and some jelly can bob-omb fighting a bunch of skeletons, led by some crystal, only to be KO'd without even getting a turn, and there was this part where I was playing as Peach, and I was playing the game like it was Metal Gear Solid. Same ship level, but the Peach intermission was before Luigi and friends got onto the ship.

2/28/2022 - I had this dream where there was this cult called "The Happy Smiles" and they disguised their plans by being a children's school. I got sent there and next thing you know, I woke up in a giant playground. The disguised people there said to just go and have fun. While the other people did, one of them fell into a pit, which opened up to show giant teeth and really long and thin tongue, with numerous eyes. Then the playground glitched. "Those who have different opinions than that of the happy smiles will see what see what happens when you make him sad." said one of them before they held onto someone's hand. Next thing you know, we're on some giant playground stairs. "Find the way down, or you'll be the one to go down." Some of us went down the stairs. Except some of them were fakes, which were trapdoors that led to a giant fall, followed by death by spikes.

We went through these demented playground structures one by one, till I was left. They said I was gonna be their sacrifice. I saw my dad on the other side, but he was already dead. As I was being dragged to the center of a carpet with nothing but a bloody yellow smile, the world glitched out, and I was back at the start. Unlike this time where everyone went to play again, I punched a painting of the cult, which (you guessed it) glitched out and screamed at me. "YOU HURT THE HAPPY SMILES!!! WHAT A DISOBEDIENT CHILD YOU ARE!!! SOMEONE SHOULD TEACH YOU SOME MANNERS!!! DISOBEDIENT!!!" Then the other people there turned into meaty amalgamations and started chasing me. Next thing you know, I found myself in multiple liminal spaces. I tripped while going down the stairs and ended up in a space where the floor was submerged in water. I was walking through this place for about an hour, and then I found my dad (which he wasn't dead this time.). I told him what was going on, and he said we need to get out of here.

We were walking through this place for half an hour, till we came across some stairs that reminded me of middle school, and we thought we had the ticket to escape from this madness, until the cult members spotted us trying to go down. They slowly got closer and closer towards us, where we thought we'd be in chains together. I yelled for help as loud as I could as they were slowly grabbing their weapons.

until we heard someone falling down the stairs.

We looked around and found out that Sonic found us trapped! Some of the cult members were trying to capture us, but Sonic already had us in his arms and putting us somewhere safe. He was beating up these cult members faster than an electronic rabbit. once he managed to get a weapon from these members, he started using it to murder the members. This went on for 4 minutes until Sonic threw his weapon out a glass window, and ran over to us to make sure we were okay. We nodded yes in a jittery manner, and he proceeds to help us up. We thanked him for saving us.

Now all that was left to do was to escape.

we held onto Sonic as tight as we could, as he said he was gonna go super fast. And he did. We went down the stairs zoomingly fast, past a giant bowling lane, past some other cult members, even past a giant narrow bridge that was dangling over a giant flesh monster. We were zooming through everything. What we didn't realize, is that we have awakened the beast. It was giant, it had so many eyes, it had spider legs, multiple mouths, a horrible screech, severed limbs of people who have fallen, and it was all covered in a bloody mess. Sonic made sure we would get out alive, as we saw him press a button that would destroy this building. The alarm went off, and we were zooming down the hallway.

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2...

We were right at the door to the entrance of this madness, and we destroyed it, zooming past and far out into the lush green fields.


As we stopped once we were in the fields, we looked back at the mangled building. It went up in a mixture of explosions, something bright and white, and a choir singing.

We were relieved to make it out of there in one piece. As Sonic said he had to head back to Tails, I ran up to him and gave him a hug. I cried in his shoulders as he saved us from a cult that was quote-on-quote, "trying to make the world a happier place." Had it not been for him, we would've been stuck trying to escape, being converted to a cult member, or possibly even dead. My dad also gave him a hug. Sonic thanked us as he gave us not only a special type of flower, but also some specially crafted bags with a few goodies inside them. He said, "If you ever need me, I'll be right there." And with that, he zoomed off into the horizon, yelling goodbye to us. We waved bye to him as he went back to wherever people needed him, and looked in our bags. We found special phones that lets us communicate with him and his friends, replica chaos emeralds that are half its size compared to the originals, a fine amount of rings, some meal packets that just need hot water, and lastly, a pair of his sneakers.

(There was one part of the dream where were on this patch of grass, miles away from a colorful city, and some of us were letting our balloons fly into the sky. The disguised people there were annoyed by us doing that.

Giving you guys a warning with this one, as it contains mentions of suicide.

1/8/2022 - Nothing irritates me more than when you have someone who doesn't shut up about Squid Game (you also go those who can't keep their mouth shut about Among Us or Friday Night Funkin', and good god, there's so many people who can't shut up these days, it just makes me scream at them through a megaphone. Like, I'm sick of it all!) I've seen it as such a trend these days and since day 1, I've been sick of it. So this is hopefully the first and last dream I ever have that has it. I was in a school room with my sister and some other folk, right? Apparently, Sans was our teacher, and he was judging us one by one. All the sins we have, all the trips we tumbled over, etc., when COMPLETELY OUT OF NOWHERE, the guards from Squid Game (god, I fucking hate saying that.) were taking us in. Sans said he was busy judging us and he had no time for this bullshit. It was then I snatched one of the guards' guns and shot them, then shot myself. Sans just stood there with utter shock, my sister was just in tears. Now with the guards dead and blood on the room floor, all we could really do was cancel school for a good few days. The news eventually made a headline about the guards and suicide. They interviewed Sans about this whole thing, and he mentioned about the squid game (It lost its capitalization privileges because I'm tired of mentioning this overhyped movie already. Eugh.) guards appearing out of nowhere and how I shot myself to death in the head. Then they interviewed my sister, who was just in tears. She could barely speak in midst of her sobbing.

1/2/2022 - I woke up that day with a dream of Carol from Freedom Planet losing all her body parts, and every single one of them started gaining sentience, to the point where they formed into her body and treated the head as a pet. But that part of the dream came after this one; I was swinging around on ropes in Egg Rock zone from SRB2 (more specifically the version from 2.2), trying to avoid one of the most cheesiest creepypastas ever; Sonic.exe, and I was playing as Luigi. But, for every 10 rings or coins I collected, they kept reverting back to 0, which got me pretty pissed after a few times, so after a few times, I typed in chat "Can you stop draining my rings supply?" To which he replied "No."

Then most strangest thing then happened. Everything in a blink of an eye suddenly became Sonic Unleashed, except I was playing as my Mii that I set up in the vWii's Mii Channel on my Wii U, and I was in this school with a few other people, and remember that cheesey creepypasta from earlier? he poofed out of existence, he was gone. But that was after I kept running around in this modern building with him chasing me.

This teacher came in with a small puppet theater playset, but when she unraveled the curtains, all it revealed was a very metallic blue-colored void, and anyone who spoke got sucked into it and died. A few people got sucked in, and so did Carol, unfortunately. But the moment the teacher turned off the lights so we could watch a movie, I was suddenly the new Carol, and then a duplicate was right next to me. Why were there two new Carols after the original just died in Super Mario Galaxy style? I don't know.

Everyone kept talking throughout the movie, so I eventually gave up watching it and started playing some modded Smash Bros. on my new 2DS XL (all the while I was treating Carol's legs like it was my own pet). The teacher noticed us not watching the movie and decided to leave, which prompted everyone to also leave.

And NOW this is the part where Carol comes in.

The other Carol's body parts started to detach from her and form their own lives, eventually forming into a body and treating her head as a pet like I mentioned earlier. I asked her body if I could tag along, and she said yes. Next thing we knew, we were at Lilac's treehouse. Just two Carols enjoying the detached life (well, minus the clone's head being attached to the body and being treated as a pet, but still, we were vibing.).

10/7/2021 - I had a dream where I was in a fast school bus with Markiplier, Jackscepticeye, Bowsette, and a few others, and we were trying to drive as fast as we can away from this giant lemon monster, as it was zapping the world into lemons, lemonade, or any other form that involves lemons. It took the form of a parasite/human hybrid and possessed a bus, resulting in it chasing us.

Captain Falcon was at the driver's seat, which meant that in midst of us trying to escape for dear life, he did all these crazy moves with the bus, like doing a full on frontflip with it, drifting like Initial-D, and tons more. Eventually, we got to this ramp, and below us was a GREAT BIG FALL towards some road. And then... WHOOSH!!!! We went off the ramp. It was so goddamn high up that we fell for half a minute. Luckily, we were okay and we managed to lose sight of the monster. I screamed so badly, but the moment I opened my mouth to yell, Bowsette covered it in case the monster chased towards us again.

We were driving along the road carefree, but after a few miles, the monster regained sight of us, which led to Captain Falcon kicking the bus into overdrive. But the moment we were gonna boost away, I woke up.

12/31/2021 - I got a new Gamecube, with two controllers, some memory cards, and this special game that as far as I'm aware, hasn't been documented about. It controlled as if you were playing Tak 3: Great Juju Challenge, but it had other Nickelodeon characters, like Spongebob, Jimmy, El Tigre, alongside Tak and Lok. It was like some sort of parallel of Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots.

Some backstory: I have galaxy-level nostalgia for the Tak games, I love all three of them dearly, even more than Sonic games. Tak 1 was a fantastic open-world type game, Tak 2 was even more fantastic, especially when it comes to how you control Tak. Tak 3 was pretty much on par with its prequel, but with the addition of simultaneous co-op, kind of like how players can quickly join and leave a game in Kirby's Return to Dreamland. Those Tak games I had for my Gamecube pretty much defined what I'd wanna see in a 3D platformer or 3D adventure title. Hell I'd even consider them the golden trio of Gamecube games for me (I also have other titles such as Super Monkey Ball, TTYD, and Super Mario Sunshine (but my copy of it is broken and won't work ;v;).) Anyways back to the dream!

So I booted up the game on my Gamecube, and I went through the game (as Tak, obviously. He's my boi and I still miss him so much ;-;) as normal. The last thing I remember was controlling Tak with Spongebob as my ally in the dream world, which was a returning level in the second installment of the Tak games (it was called Staff of Dreams, so obviously you'd have to travel between the real and the dream worlds.), as we were beating up robots.

11/21/2021 - I had this dream where I recently got a game called "Space: 64-bit Error" where you could be whoever you want to be as you band with others and try to stop people who look like regular folks called errors, who are trying to corrupt you and bring you down to their level. I was Tailsko-like when I opened the game and got sucked into it. I had Ash from Pokémon chase me down, trying to capture me. I managed to hide in an alleyway, but he caught up to me and found me. He accidentally threw one open Pokéball that had nothing in it. I threw it back which stunned him, and ran.

As I was running, I was knocked far and grabbing onto a warp star that had Kirby riding. As I spoke, I noticed how my voice also fitted the character I was. Due to me hanging onto the warp star for dear life, we crashed on the side of a hill with a dirt path and a zipline. We found the others on tbe bottom of it where they cornered the errors and made them walk the plank into a body of water. As the error asked why they're doing this, I jumped in and yelled "because people like you need to leave us alone when we are just trying to have fun!"

At that, the others looked up as I Goomba-stomped them into the water, where they drowned upon contact. They didn't know who I was but they thanked me for finishing that error off. They asked if I wanted to join their group, to which I said yes. And from that point on, I realized that we're all trying to stop these errors. A bit of Second Life, a bit of Pibby, a bit of Roblox, a bit of VRChat, and a bit of Tower Unite.

6/28/2021 - I had a big package sent to me that said "Build-A-Lilac" on it and it had all the details, like which version of Lilac, how many parts there are, etc. I looked inside and I spotted Lilac, to which she was looking right back at me in midst of this big Lilac part pile. I took out every part that was in the box and started to lay them out accordingly, and then one by one, I started to put her together. The face with the eyes and mouth, the head with her horns and hair, torso with the arms and hands, etc. I got to the point where all pieces were attached except for her lower half, to which she asked, "Are you... going to put my legs on?" I kind of wanted to but I told her that I just wanted to snuggle them for a while since they just looked so good. Best part about this, she was a pretty thicc Lilac that I put together. Oh yeah, there wasn't a real location disclosed on the box, so for all I know, it could've been from anywhere.

6/7/2021 - I had a dream where I was on a bus, holding a big toy pack that's based on Sonic's 30th anniversary, which consisted of action figures of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman, a Sonic coin, rings, monitors, checkpoints, goal post, chaos emeralds, a small little art book, a stand, and multiple different parts for the characters' faces. I was with my dad, ready to head home after a long day. We got off the bus near a grocery store, but after that, my dad asked me a question that I couldn't even recognize. When I told him that I didn't understand, he decided to pull out a pistol from his sweater while speaking in tv static. That's where I decide to run down the sidewalk as fast as I can, till I got to this police station.

Inside there I tried telling the two cops there that my dad has a pistol and he can fire it any moment, but the cops looked at me like I was crazy and just laughed it off. But then my dad came through the door, which prompted me to bolt outta there while they just watched me be chased. I came across this game store that had all games from numerous consoles, like the Gamecube, PS2, Saturn, etc. I decided to browse what they had while also laying low. After half an hour my dad burst through the door to try and capture me. I again just bolted outta there. I ended up heading inside the grocery store, and the chase lasted for a while, till I got to the section with milk. From there, I was stuck in a corner, holding my Sonic 30th toy pack, huddled, crying as my dad gets closer and closer with the tv static noise inching closer and a pistol in his hand. I called for help as loud as I can, but no one seemed to notice it, so I ended up trying my best to huddle myself even closer. The moment he was about to pull the trigger, something knocked him down.

6/10/2021 - I had a dream where I was in the small but big store that was like a loft. It had many sleeper items in it but it also had some widely popular and recognizable stuff too. I was there when it was closing day for them, but when I got out of that store, I was immediately in another one that was giant and had a bunch of aisles and items, like gaming monitors and pcs, art supplies, groceries, it was pretty much Walmart and Target combined. I found myself a Milla poster in the art department and got myself some Sonic gacha capsules, as well as some Roblox stuff here and there.

2/21/2021 - I had a dream about a Paper Mario game that revisits every other game. I was chasing a Hammer Bro in a desert-like place, with Goombella and Olivia in tow. I had to roll into tube Mario to make a shortcut to catch it, but it wasn’t until the 2nd time I had to chase it down that I actually did that. When I did catch it, the Hammer Bro decided to make a big jump to the moon, which led to Olivia telling Mario to chase after it there with a rocket. So Mario got in with Goombella and Olivia, and it showed this origami king-esque cutscene, with a mix of color splash and paper jam, of said rocket traveling to the moon.

Instead of landing on the moon, they landed in a “memory” of Rogueport sewers, and in said “memory” there were three pipes. One for rougeport, another for a mix of Twilight Town and Creepy Steeple, and another for the X-Naut fortress. To the left of the area was its prequel, Paper Mario 64, which had pipes to the desert area, toybox area, and the ice palace area thing. But to the right of it was Super Paper Pario, and it had pipes to Flopside, the Bitlands, and a miniature version of the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials with Dimentio’s castle blended in. Then you got other places for Sticker Star, Color Splash, and Origami King, as well as a spot for Paper Jam, which to me, is more of a half and half game, since you got the Mario & Luigi series mixed in there.

The only thing I remember before waking up was the three getting cold in the Rougeport sewers memory area, and a green Koopa Troopa spray-painting the words “heh heh” on a wall, twice. At some point in the dream, the three made it to the wrestling ring from TTYD’s Glitzville, and it had a shit-ton of other characters, like you got Sonic, Bubsy, Kirby, Master Chief, all that. I don’t know why it was in that dream but it was, and hell, even I was there next to Lilac. Anyways, the three decided to watch what was going down in the ring for a while, albeit next to me and Lilac, and well, we met together, showed Olivia & Goombella Lilac’s detachable capabilities, etc., and we watched Link and Samurai Jack swordfight. At one point in the fight Samurai Jack lost grip of his sword, and it fell outta the ring, which means he couldn’t retrieve it. Given that, Link decided to do the same so they can be even, which now leads this to a regular fight akin to something of Street Fighter and Smash. Pointless detail but as they were fighting I hugged Lilac in excitement + gave her detached legs a nice hug as well. Mario just kinda glanced in question and Lilac told them that it was normal of him to do that. Olivia was a bit concerned but Lilac reassured her.

6/19/2021 - I had this long dream where me and a bunch of other people, mainly my OCs but also a few more people, were put in this world to find pieces to a portal. We had to assemble it because my OC, Gloombus, along with the help of some other evil guys, wanted to overturn the world into his own corrupt kingdom. We all spawned in this giant base, with some people telling us about this situation. We all had to split up and go to these other worlds to find pieces of a rift that’ll take us across and over to the underworld. I was with my OC, Lilac, Lucina, and Sonic, and we had to travel to this grassy factory to find 6 pieces. The other teams did the same with the other places. Once we all gathered 13 portions of the rift, we all went in, and we found Gloombus, alone on this little floating fleshy island, surrounded by horns and teeth. When he turned around, he spawned in not only gargoyles, but also a few dark figment of those such as Lilac. We had to fight all of them, and afterwards, he went monologuing about the multiverse. He then proceeded to shatter the rift, and send us to this place reminiscent of the Metaverse Champions hub on Roblox, but with the aesthetic of the Ready Player Two hub (Yes these were actual events that happened, I think the RP2 event is still ongoing), and we had to go find shards of the rift to battle Gloombus and his goons again. Last thing I remember before waking up is wallrunning and walljumping on the sides of a tall hallway with Lilac, Carol, and Milla. Oh also, if we died during rift piece-hunting, we’d respawn in this waiting room where we were sucked back into the action after some time.

5/18/2021 - I dreamt about some school staff throwing me a birthday party, except one person was a complete dick, and it's weeks after my bday. Before that, I took on a few Helltaker-themed obstacle courses, which had every character from each level, and at the last level I just went full on insane and was swinging around, flipping, doin all sorts of tricks, all while it was over a vat of lava. When I finished the last obstacle course, I was expecting all the Helltaker characters to join me for my very belated bday party, but... Instead it was just some of the school staff. So then after they presented a big cake, complete with blue icing and chocolate, the gifts came, except the guy from earlier was all like "Oh hey these are for your dad! Let's go give them to him!" When clearly they were for me. IDK what possessed me to do this, but I bolted out of there and picked him up and said as I brought him back, "We're not fucking done, get the fuck back here bitch."

When I sat him back down, I saw Modeus there, waiting for me, along with the rest of the cast instead of the school staff. Justice couldn't contain herself and just went "You actually picked up that one douchebag? That's awesome." She also whispered how I might have horns of my own growing soon... But, they were all stepping aside for Lucifer to come up to me and hand me this big gift, wrapped in maroon, and a smile on her face as she said, "Happy belated birthday~" to me and apologized for how late it was. The third wheeler got booted out and held in place by Judgement as they all watched me open up Lucifer's gift. And lo and behold, in it was a BIG Lilac plush. And then Lilac appeared! Somehow, some way, the Helltaker gals found out how much I simp about Lilac, so the CEO of Hell herself got me a big plush of it. Also this Lilac wasn't any regular Lilac.

Obviously, Modeus found out about the kinky stuff I draw, so she went all red in the face as Azazel was jotting down some notes or whatever. So after Lilac gave me a hug, the other gals did, too. Even Judgement, who normally, IIRC, is hard to flirt with, gave me a hug. Guess I had a harem of my own. Earlier, Cerberus noticed the chocolate and blue icing cake I had and decided to munch it all up. And it wasn't until now that Modeus decided to bring in a bigger and more special cake for me, albeit with Malina making sure that Cerberus doesn't munch that one either. It was red velvet with purple icing, with chocolate chips scattered all over the place. When I noticed the purple icing, Beelzebub peeped from behind the giant cake and said happy bday to me, even if it was very belated. After the party, Modeus wanted to see me behind the school, so I went to the back, and she grew me my own set of demon horns. Not a headband, ACTUAL horns. Also, she brought over Lucifer to turn me into my own OC, so that was really cool.

So now I was my OC, with demon horns, and a BIG Lilac plushie. I gave Modeus a hug and kissed her, she went all red in the face and flustered while Lucifer just chuckled and patted her on the head. And to think that was it! The last thing my dream had was all of them, plus Lilac walking with me home and just being part of my own family. Even if they're from hell, I still took them in like it was a glorious success (Ah? Ah? See what I did there?). The Helltaker himself had to help me out with keeping everyone in check, but everybody was relatively tame, and very, VERY, VERY obedient, listening to everything I told them. For certain, I was convinced that Modeus had a HUUUUUUGE crush on me.

Holy crap, I've been meaning to tell you guys about this dream. This was one of my favorites.

There was one dream I remember, and it was a Freedom Planet stopmotion reminiscent of the early 2010s. I don't remember all the details, unfortunately, but what I do remember are Lilac, Carol, & Milla, exploring this new world, and going on a huge adventure that involved explosions, them turning into legs, and then them having to learn to get used to them being split in half. The whole aesthetic of it was STRONGLY reminiscent of that one Sonic stopmotion series I remember watching YEARS ago. The premise of that was simple; for the first few episodes, Sonic's body was stolen by Eggman, and he had to get it back. There was a part of it where Shadow's head was a generic yellow smiley. Then the next few episodes had something to do with Mario and Sonic escaping Wario who turned into this Godzilla-like creature and them ending up in the Pokemon Stadium, trying to find a Pokemon that can fight Godzilla Wario. At the end of it all, they all went to the stadium and celebrated, then they proceeded to fight each other like it was Super Smash Bros.

Look, I know it sounds like a drug trip, but here's the thing, a'ight? It was a stopmotion series from the 2000s. I feel like we need to revive that 2000s wacky stopmotion videos. Such a lovely medium that we don't really see nowadays. Actually, a lot of things from the 2000s I feel should be revived, BUT NOT MODERNIZED.

If you're wondering where you can find that wacky Sonic stopmotion series, I got you covered. Click here to check out the first episode.