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lilac my beloved

cheesy but how else am i gonna word it-

It's time for Lilacs!!!!!!!!

look at her, such a cutie as a halfcut

she's got the legs i tell you, just look at them :D

so much so that i actually made her legs into an actual character! a comfort character, that is. meet leglac!i've had her for years, since around 2018 when i used to be active on deviantart

i like detaching her a lot, as evident by some of my pillowfort posts and my furaffinity posts :3

her legs are like, the beeeeeeeeeeeeest

anyway here's leglac's backstory:

it starts right after the events of the first game, where lilac and her friends decide to party at her treehouse with karaoke, sushi, and other fun stuff. eventually, lilac had to throw up in the bathroom after eating too much sushi before they decide to go sleep. the next day they wake up, lilac could feel herself be lighter than usual, her eyes still closed. after a few minutes, she hears her own voice wake her up, which darts her upright and panics from the sight of seeing her own legs standing on their own. eventually lilac realizes that carol and milla are also affected by this, with carol losing control of her body and being reduced to just a head, and milla being a head on her legs, but later on she's also just a head as her legs, or well, all their legs gain sentience. now the trio had to learn to get used to their new bodies, and neera also is affected by this. the culprit? the sushi they were eating last night. eventually they all learn to get used to their new lives.

i only had two episodes written before losing interest in writing a fanfic as a whole. i also have another leglac but she's actually a head on legs, aka a halfcut or swb. i draw them sometimes when i got nothing else.

So, simping aside now... Time for some backstory for Lilac as a whole! I caught wind of Freedom Planet one day when I was browsing for new games on Steam in July a few years ago. It was discounted so I got it for much less than normal, which was great! I got the game with my remaining Steam gift card funds and got it running for the first time. I played thru it up until Sky Batallion, where I noticed I had something resonating within me about Lilac. First, it was her looks, then, it was her voice, and then it was her entirely. As I was playing through Freedom Planet, I noticed one cutscene that made me visibly upset, that is, if you exclude my first death in the game being crushed by a falling spike bed and witnessing her explode into pieces, and as the game kept going on thru Lilac's story, that feeling from earlier just grew and grew more. It wasn't till about two or so years later that I realized I had a niche interest in legs. After simping for Tiara from Sonic X-Treme and the Sonic Boom version of Amy before thanks to a fangame called Sonic World, I realized the previous two didn't have something that Lilac had; (you guessed it baby) legs. *insert jazz hands here*

At the time I realized this, I was on DeviantArt (back when it was based). Naturally with me being interested in this kind of stuff, I was exploring around, hoping I could request someone to draw Lilac detached one way or another, or haver her legs on display. It wasn't until I came across someone (that I would later regret at 2020 was approaching.) called PaddyTheRabbit (or as his current name goes, Aklim95). We became friends for a bit, talking about all sorts of wacky fantasies that we had. Eventually I invited him to my Discord server (not the current one, god forbid) and others became friends with him. Eventually at one point in August 2019, he reached out to me, hoping I can help him find other stuff to talk about, and it just so happened that at that time, Dr. Mario World for mobile devices was recently fresh! I suggested that to him and he on about how the mobile market is riddled with advertisements and microtransactions (to which he was right, undeniably so.). I tried to get him to calm down but eventually the one-on-one chat leaked into my server at that time, and he started to spew out all sorts of random bullshit, like how I was a Trump supporter (when that's obvs NOT the case and even then I don't like politics in the first place.), how I supported Electronic Arts (which I don't, indie devs are more based than triple A devs.), and all other random stuff. Eventually I kicked him out my server and I cut ties with him. That's when the storm happened and he sent his friends on DeviantArt AND FurAffinity to bombard me with notes, asking why I wasn't friends with him. Some of them I responded, just saying that he started to become a nusiance among my friends and other Discord servers I was in. Others I just flat out deleted and blocked (Hey if it's there, take initiative! 'specially if the tormentor's like, 30 years older than you, cuz that shit can get wild if not taken care of in a certain way.).

"But Eric, where's Lilac in this story?" I hear you going. To that, I say this.

Before the storm even happened, I remember a time where he and I actually made some new characters. He made some characters like Tina (who's an anthropomorphic pair of squirrel legs + I actually helped him with that.), and... I think that's it, I don't care for the others. In midst of these characters, I made Leglac, who was Lilac's legs. I also had another character who's a Freedom Planet FC, named Lexi, meant to be the older sister to Lilac. I almost gave her to Aklim in exchange for more DA points. ALMOST. I remember detaching Lexi as well which includes her legs.

So back to the storm part, this blackmailing and harassment lasted from August of 2019 to Feburary of 2020. I was still in high school at that time. I remember sitting alone in one of the computer labs on the third floor, when it was still the lunch period, and getting these notifs like mad. After having this torment go on for so long, I broke down into tears. That was a time period that was pretty dark. I left school that day early as a result. This part gets fuzzy since it's been a while, but eventually, we both stopped indirectly talking to each other like it was some sort of 2020 Twitter argument.

Ever since later in 2020, I haven't heard from him. Which is good. That nutjob should learn his place. Now obvsiously since it's been this long, don't go harassing him. If he interacts with you on DeviantArt, FurAffinity, Weasyl, InkBunny, or whatever other platform he has (I think he has Twitter?), just don't respond back. That's how you break the chain. Just block him and move on.

There's a reason why I didn't embed all this with heading 3 or 2 brackets. That's because I don't want emphasis on the little story, as much as that is true and I still remember it to some extent.

now for multiple leglacs!!!

leglac and lilac my beloveds

center>truth be told, if i had to rank some legs, first place would be lilac's. 2nd place would be monika's from ddlc. 3rd place would be tailsko's and 4th place would be michiru's. i mean, if i could have some pretty legs like leglac and have the literature club president's legs, i'd be all set, their legs are all i need -w-