Travel Directory - In "What is WonderNet?"

So, you may have seen this wonderfully crafted logo.

(Or you may have seen the little "Approved by WonderNet!" badge over at the home page.)

Whichever the case might be, this logo was made by me! Originally I was gonna use some sort of logo generator (Which I did, firsthand, but I later decided to draw my own since using a generator was pretty bland.), but it wasn't till I had the great idea to use Neocites that I got around to drawing it.

Fun fact: WonderNet was originally not going to be a Neocities page at all! I was nervous about HTML, but once I dipped my toes in it, it wasn't all too bad. Granted, I'm no HTML wizard, I'm more of an HTML novice. HTML aside, once I got the brilliant idea and got settled in, I was originally going to use Wix, since back in 2019, I used it one time (and it's still up to this day, but whew boy... It's pretty old. Feel free to click here and explore what was before the reboot.), but Neocities proved to be a much more superior choice, with the added bonus of potentially brewing up some old internet nostalgia!

I would've used the high quality version of this icon throughout WonderNet, but using a lesser bitrate version of it proved to be much more fitting, since I aim to make WonderNet reminiscent of websites of the 1990s (You may have seen another variant of the logo in certain spots of WonderNet...).

HOWEVER, The time frame that WonderNet takes place in is an alternate 2003. Don't get confused. WonderNet AS A WEBSITE is designed around the 1990s, but WonderNet AS AN OC HAVEN where my OCs can talk and interact takes place in 2003.

Did you know you can click on the logo? You'll be taken to WonderNet!